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Sapphire Gem - Inspiration for my nickname

Welcome to my user page in Wikimedia![edit]

I'm new and still know I have a lot to learn in this new universe. I do not like grammar errors, so I dedicate myself to correct them.

I know also create pages in HTML and a bit of CSS, then I use the "Edit Source", which is very similar to the HTML.


Write an email for:, with the subject: Wikipedia EN.

You can write to me in languages ​​that are below:

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
Why this nickname?[edit]

It's very simple. I think it very beautiful a jewelry with sapphires, specifically blue gems.

The EDGE arose while surfing the internet, trying to create an account name, and found this term. Wondered what it meant and enjoyed it, hence the name: Sapphiredge.