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My name is SBSangpi. I am fast at learning, I want to hear experiences from old experienced people and I want to explorer their mistake. I'm also interest in making new cool things, specially researching new things.

This is my word Reshare, I haven't seen Reshare word in any dictionary. But I just make it up this word (Reshare). Here is my explanation (Reshare) Nowaday there alot of copy and pasting News,Articles,ideas on websites,Blogs that all can called in a another word that is "Reshare". Not changing any words from Original Articles and just copy and paste into where you want to share it. There are no exact meaning for "Reshare". But we don't have to confuse about "Reshare" just spilt into two part "Re" and "share". Re prefer to the original message's subject field when composing a reply and also know as "again". Share prefer sharing somthing to somone.(e.g)you have two drinks and you give one drink to your friend.

so when you see "Reshare" words you can understand the meaning that's copy from Original articles. you can findout there are 449,000 results for "Reshare" words.


You can visit IT Reshare Site for IT Solutions,Proxy,Hacks,Softwares,Video Tutorials,News,Ebooks,Websites Guide written in Myanmar Language[1]
or you can visit English version Blog itresharesite [2]RESHARE [3]RE definition [4]IT Reshare Site (Myanmar) [5]IT Reshare Site (English)

  3. WODIQ
  4. IT Reshare Site(Myanmar)
  5. IT Reshare Site (English)