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I am mainly active on the English Wikipedia (my user page there) or French Wikipedia (ma page d'utilisateur), so if you want to contact me, it may be best to use one my talk pages there, or email me. Thanks !

What do I do on commons and how can I help you ?[edit]

Graphics: statistical and geographical data[edit]

I am happy to help if you have data to plot... I can also produce geographical maps of Switzerland containing statistical data.

Music sheets[edit]

I have started to play with Lilypond to engrave some music; quite powerful (and fun to do !). If you need some help with engraving music (e.g. from a bad quality scan), don't hesitate to ask me, I'd be happy to do a bit more of this kind of work.


I try to take pictures, but I am not so good at it. I have uploaded a few, but try to restrict myself to those that are really useful for a Wikipedia page.

Old documents[edit]

I try to get old, public domain, documents of encyclopedic interest, scan them and add them to the relevant articles.

Free images[edit]

I try to get authorizations to upload free images of encyclopedic topics; I have been pretty lucky so far with the Swiss Federal Administration, which gave authorization to upload picture of all past and present federal politicians, as well as some other pictures.