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fillerwords!A picture's worth a thousand words, and when you have 51,053,687 pictures, that's saying something.
A Summer Bonfire. Photo credit: Fir0002
Bufo americanus Toad.JPG
DC panda.JPG
Strange pink flower.JPG
Tomb Unknown Reath.JPG
Dark Sun.JPG
JFK Eternal Flame.JPG
Unknown Soldier Ceremony Guard.JPG
Devouring Red Insects.JPG
Shining yella flower.JPG
Bee sucking nector.JPG
Fuzzy moth.JPG
Greenish-purple butterfly.JPG
Purple iris right.JPG
Cygnus olor swan drinking.JPG
Goose Creche.JPG
Group purple flowers.JPG
Huge Capitol.JPG
Waving Flag American.jpg
Throw Pillow.JPG
Bufo americanus Toad 2.JPG
Devouring Red Insects.JPG
Red spike berries.JPG
Mother and baby ducks.JPG
Sunflower-wide.JPG Greenish purple butterfly 2.JPG Grapes in a bowl.JPG Domestic White and Gray Cat.JPG Red insects on Leaf.JPG Wide Creek Opening.JPG Goose Creche full.JPG
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Favorite Photos I Took

Dark Sun.JPG

Tomb Unknown Reath.JPG
Photo Philosophy
If an Image carries encyclopedic content or particularly looks beautiful or iconic, it belongs here at the Commons. As long as it looks presentable at a thumbnail-size, I say upload it! No articles are going to use a 800x600 image! However, the bigger you can get the image the better, because when shrunk it will look clearer. However, if it gets grainy after magnifying it to the highest level it's ok because I assure you no one will use an image that big anywhere unless you sell professional prints.
Welcome to my page!
Thanks for stopping by my page! I'm Scrumshus and you have the lucky opportunity of checking out my photographic contributions to the Wikimedia Commons. All of my uploaded pictures are below in my gallery. All photos are taken with my Canon PowerShot S2 IS, so my photos aren't of proffesional quality, but they get the job done. I am also skilled at making image-based titles for webpages in Adobe Fireworks, so if you need a decorative title, I'd be glad to take up any such task. Hopefully someday Ill get a featured picture, but not quite yet. And if possible (under the GDFL license), I may upload some sounds of songs I composed in Apple's GarageBand software, which would be really neat. :)

Most of my photos revolve around a theme of nature or animals because when you're 14 and living in the suburbs, there's not much "wow" things to take pictures of, so the nature preserve is my best bet, and most of my photos come from there. Someday I hope to get one of those Canon EOS 20Ds so I can really rank up some superior images like many contributors here in the Commons. Untill then, i snap a photo load it up, possibly nominate it for QI, and wait for my gallery to rank up enough to persuade my parents to buy m a better camera. :)

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Rainforest walk in the National Botanical Gardens. Photo credit: Fir0002
Now I know as a teen with a nice quality-gets-you-what-you-need camera I'm not likely to be recognized with any Featured Pictures, or even Quality Images, but I would like to list the photographers here that first got me inspirted to actually get a camera and contribute. This guys are the best of the best, so let's give a round of applause to:

Makro Freak · Fir0002 · Alvesgaspar · Ram-Man
These users have set the bar and created some truly iconic images, so I thank you all.

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Neuberger Münster Innenraum 01.jpgInterior of Neuberg Abbey Church in Neuberg an der Mürz, Styria, Austria
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