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"..and therewith, my fate was sealed; for he who has once seen the intimate beauty of nature cannot tear himself away from it again. -Dr. Konrad Lorenz, King Solomon's Ring. 1952


As Dr. Lorenz has eloquently put it, I find it hard to digress from nature. The sheer beauty and complexity of nature has captivated my interest and has been the driving force behind the joy of studying it. My journey began as a bird watcher in Bangalore and since then, has led me to choosing ecology and conservation science as a career. Being trained in ecology, I attempt to work towards integrating varied aspects such as natural history, behavior and evolutionary biology to understand the natural system at an organismal as well as at a landscape level with a strong emphasis on conservation. Over the past few years, my interests have taken me to studying Dragonflies, Urban trees, Large mammal distributions, Faunal mortality on roads, Distribution of epiphytes in the forest canopy, Conservation and Ecology of Bats and Wetland birds. Recently, my involvement has been with Amphibians as model systems and have been studying their responses to forest degradation and pesticide use, establishing long term monitoring protocols to detect impacts of climate change, species discovery and documenting natural history observations. I believe that environmental education is a strong tool for inducing behavior change towards conserving our natural heritage and thus, render professional services at various levels in many education activities.I am now a Doctoral candidate at the National University of Singapore and will be studying the ecology and behavior of several frogs in India.

You can know more about my work here.