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Photo of a honey bee going to work on a flower. It was the first photo I uploaded and so far the only one I've submitted for a featured photo. Currently in the articles insect, bee and pollination.

John Severns


I'm a 30 year-old officer in the United States Air Force. As a public affairs officer, I have significant experience with researching, writing and editing articles and photography. Some of the photos I've uploaded were taken during my official duties -- most, however, are taken during my personal time with my own camera.



At work we use a variety of cameras, but on my own time I use a Nikon D50 with a variety of lenses. It's an excellent camera that I will gladly recommend to anyone looking for an entry-level DSLR.

Interests/areas of expertise


Although I'm qualified to speak on behalf of the USAF, under most circumstances it isn't appropriate for me to do so on Wikipedia. In some cases representatives of the US military have taken to actively editing and upkeeping articles about themselves on Wikipedia (see USSTRATCOM), but that isn't an official policy of the Department of Defense.

More personally, I have a strong background in botany, zoology, ecology and environmental issues. My secondary education includes a Bachelor of Philosophy in Environmental Science, and I worked for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency before joining the Air Force.



I have a strong interest in photography, and typically spend several hours a week out and about with my camera. I have access to several parks, preserves and forests here in Eastern Nebraska Texas, so if there's some natural item or phenomena out here that you think needs a photo on Wikipedia, please leave me a note on my talk page.


I place a strong emphasis on the content of a photo, moreso than the technical execution. I prefer photos that tell a story or clearly illustrate a concept. As a Wikipedian, I value photos with encyclopedic value, though I won't discount a photo simply because it lacks EV. I hold staged or posed photos to a very high bar, especially if the subject is permanent or easily reproducible (i.e. landscapes, buildings, portraits). Transient events get more leeway from a technical perspective; photos that cannot be realistically reproduced get a lot of leeway.


Some photos I'm currently kicking around.

Ripe crab apple tree fruits. Currently used in the crab apple article.
An 18-month old Afghan girl weighing 14 pounds receives medical treatment in Paktya, Afghanistan.
Older students sit in the boys section of the Bamozai primary school near Gardez, Paktya Province, Afghanistan. The school has no building; classes are held outside in the shade of an orchard.
Girls sit in the girls section of the Bamozai primary school ner Gardez, Paktya Province, Afghanistan. The shcool has no building; classes are held outside in the shade of an orchard.

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