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New Commons Admin hobby. Closing DR's with Haiku's. Please list em here (Anyone):

Hints for the lazy[edit]

  • Derivative Work - 5 Syllables
  • Speedy deleted = 5 syllables
  • Deleted per nom = 5 syllables

IRC version[edit]

10:56 -!- Majorly [n=Majorly@wikimedia/Majorly] has quit [Connection timed out]
10:56 <+lc2> majorly has gone
10:56 <+lc2>  his connection has timed out
10:56 <+lc2>   he will be back soon
10:57 -!- WBOSITG [n=mode@unaffiliated/wbositg] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
10:58 <+lc2> a great tragedy,
10:58 <+lc2>  the unpronouncable nick
10:58 -!- WBOSITG [n=mode@unaffiliated/wbositg] has joined #wikimedia-commons
10:58 <+lc2>   has no route to host
10:58 <+lc2> he returned quickly
10:59 <+lc2>  the first thing he saw in here
10:59 <+lc2>   last line of haiku
10:59 <+lc2> okay
10:59 <+lc2> *stops*
11:00 <+lc2> very tragic sight
11:00 <+lc2>  sleep deprivation leads to
11:00 <+lc2>   haiku over-use
11:00 <+lc2> *slaps himself*
11:01 <+lc2> strange form of self-harm
11:02 <+lc2>  lc2 slapped his own face
11:02 <+lc2>   now has a large bruise