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  • Commons:Welcome
    • Provides a central media repository for free photographs, diagrams, animations, music, spoken text, video clips, etc


  • Commons:Licensing#Acceptable_licenses
    • Licenses is what sets commons apart
    • Media must be "free" to be uploaded.
  • What is "free"?
    • Re-users are free to redistribute media, with or without modifications
    • Must not forbid re-use for profit
    • Licenses must not require notification of the authors
    • Media must be both free in both the United States and, if different, the country of origin or publication
    • Because of the licenses, anyone can use any media - and many do
  • No fair use
    • "Fair use", even within the relatively liberal United States law, is an extremely complex body of case law, and whether a re-use is illegal depends entirely on the context and the nature of the work; making a compilation of such images would be legally impossible, and reusability would be highly limited, as opposed to obeying the relatively simple restrictions of free licenses
    • Fair use-type legal doctrines differ from country to country
  • Active policing of copyright violations and non-free material


What goes[edit]

  • Project Scope
    • Private image collections and the like are generally not wanted (private party photos, self-created artwork without educational purpose)
    • The quality of files should be as high as possible and should only contain the relevant content.
    • Like Wikipedia, Commons is not censored
    • not to create a wiki - only uses a wiki in order to create a free media repository. don't stick to wiki purism.
  • Commons:Ownership of pages and files
    • No one user "controls" the content, though there are community traditions on this matter; for example, they frown upon overwriting someone else's upload unless it's an indisputable quality improvement
    • Copyright (legal ownership) still belongs with the author, unless explicitly put into the public domain
    • Legal ownership over derivative works is usually held by both the original author and the author of the derivative work
  • The core community value of being mellow
    • Wikipedia-style drama is frowned upon
    • Rudeness and bombast is among the worst of vices
    • Wikipedians coming into the community are called "mellowified"
    • Less arguments on commons. Legal status & usability are the only care



  • (2008-05-10 21:57:01) Dvortygirl: what got me started recording pronunciations was hearing a recording of a word in Dutch, and realizing that I would have had no chance of getting that sound out of those letters without actually hearing it.
  • (2008-05-10 21:57:03) Dvortygirl: Image:Nl-zwaardvis.ogg
  • (2008-05-10 21:57:31) Dvortygirl: Things other than pictures are also worth the proverbial thousand words.
  • (2008-05-10 21:58:21) Dvortygirl: And if Dutch can be so foreign and hard to pronounce, surely English is worse: