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Shakeel Ahmad is the noteable personality of village Parri Bangla. In the quest of something full of adventures, motivations, professional commitments and unwavering dedicated omens. Born and raised into a middle class family in the extreme North of Pakistan, I have always been facinated by the loftiest mountains and natural scenics of my sorroundings. Sky high mountains, breath taking glaciars, ravishing falls and eye catching meadows have always been and are feulling might asthatic sense with never ending spritual, emotional and psyclogical energies. The unique geography and wobbling climateology of Gilgit-Baltistan enriches and countinus to enriches my unique indigenous wisdom and identity. I am a stunch cherisher of the richest hitory plus the most diversified cultures of Gilgit-Baltistan. Hobies:Trecking,Hicking,Climbing,Swimming,Camping,Hunting and Reading e-mail [[1]] [of Gilgit-Baltistan] Retrieved from "" Cell # +923333911359