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About Me[edit]

I am a former Royal Canadian Navy Military photographer who documented the Canadian Armed Forces over a 24-year career. During that time I have travelled the world aboard ship, took part in several tours in Afghanistan, and spent 7 years in the Canadian Special Operations Forces. In my spare time I take photos of distinctive landmarks and landscapes and run PIXEO, a set of tools to help photographers find great places to take pictures.

I invite anyone to use the images I share here for any purpose whatsoever. I simply request that you please provide me photo credit when you use it as per the below instructions. If you live in the Ottawa area, I am also available to shoot. I do not charge to take photos and will happily shoot for free if the subject is interesting or it is for a good cause. So, if you are a performer, have an interesting idea for a shoot, are a charity that needs an event photographer, or just want to invite me to shoot, please send a message to I have shot for free for a number of Ottawa events such as the Saunder's Farm Haunted Attraction, the Terry Fox Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Canada, and the Ottawa Christmas Market.

Using Shawn M. Kent's Wikipedia Images[edit]

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All my images on Wikipedia are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license or the CC BY-SAand I ask that you respect the license terms and attribute the work to me. Nothing fancy, just my name is fine, like so:

Shawn M. Kent

Do not hesitate to contact me for higher res versions of the images, and if you need a unique commercial or other specific license please let me know. Email is above.

Wiki Contributions[edit]

You can see more of my work at my website: