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User:Shirley 501JFW
en-5This user is able to contribute with a professional level of English.

Hello, my name is Shirley 501JFW. I took this username from my most favorite character, which appears in my most favorite anime "Strike Witches".

About me




I was born in Japan, raised in Japan, and now live in Japan. Despite that, I think I am able to use English with a professional level. Also, I am now studying German because I want to be able to use German. And for French, i used to be able to use, but not anymore.

My hobbies


I mainly like cars, military stuffs, anime, mobile devices, and things related to these. I now own and drive a silver 1996 Toyota Curren XS ST206 which I bought for $800. About military things, I am mainly a big fan of the Japan Self-Defense Forces and the United States Armed Forces, etc.. For the United States Armed Forces, the Air Force is my most favorite service branch because I like planes. But, i don't have any hating or disliking forces.

My contributions


My uploads.