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  1. Updated Wikipedia Tools (for Humans) (Aug 2017)
  2. Attended the Wikimedia Developer Summit in San Francisco (9-11 Jan 2017)
  3. Added example rune poem (from Dickins, 1915) to Rune Poems article (Oct 2016)
  4. Added "Sail-plan gallery" to Sail-plan (Sep 2016)
  5. Proposed addition of "Schematic Summary" on Talk:Solar System—quickly rejected. (Sep 2016)
  6. Added Wikipedia Tools (for Humans) to MediaWiki API:Client_code#Python (Aug 2016)
  7. Created article: List_of_Classical_Music_in_Literature (Sep 2015)
  8. Failed to add KCNA image of Kim Jong-Un to Kim Jong-Un article (Aug 2013)
    • Requests made to Dennis Rodman and David Guttenfelder to obtain permissive photo
  9. Created "wptools" (now Wikipedia Tools (for Humans)) (2012)
  10. Created File:Tōngshèng 通勝 cover.jpg (Mar 2010)
  11. Failed to add personal photo of public sculpture by Louise Bourgeois to Commons—Deleted (Apr 2009)


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