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This template generates a row with three cells for use in a table listing all FP contributors with a user category


{|class="wikitable sortable" 
! scope="col" | User 
! scope = "col" class="unsortable" | User FP category 
! scope = "col" | Number of contributed FPs
{{FP user row|99of9}}
{{FP user row|A.Savin}}
{{FP user row|Alchemist-hp}}
{{FP user row|Alvesgaspar}}
{{FP user row|AngMoKio}}
{{FP user row|Archaeodontosaurus}}
{{FP user row|Bgag}}
{{FP user row|Carschten}}
{{FP user row|Cephas}}
{{FP user row|Chepry}}


User User FP category Number of contributed FPs
99of9 Browse FPs 16
A.Savin Browse FPs No user category of featured pictures by User:A.Savin found!
Alchemist-hp Browse FPs 61
Alvesgaspar Browse FPs 158
AngMoKio Browse FPs 31
Archaeodontosaurus Browse FPs 115
Bgag Browse FPs 7
Carschten Browse FPs 19
Cephas Browse FPs 52
Chepry Browse FPs 4