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Closure of valued image candidates[edit]

The review of a valued image candidate or a valued image set candidate eventually leads to one of three possible results: promoted, declined or undecided. The specific outcome is governed by the promotion rules, which also establish the minimum time periods the nomination is still open for further reviews. Once the result is clear, the nomination is closed by completing the following steps:

Closing valued image candidates[edit]

Follow the edit link to the VIC awaiting closure and do the following:

1. Summarize the votes and the result in the review parameter by adding, e.g., (remember prepending space)

 Result: 1 support, 2 oppose =>
 declined. -- ~~~~

which leads to a text like

Result: 1 support, 2 oppose =>
declined. -- TheVICloser

2. Change the case-sensitive status parameter to promoted, declined, or unassessed depending on the result, i.e.,

When (number of Symbol support vote.svg Support > number of Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose)
When (number of Symbol support vote.svg Support=number of Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose) (this includes unassessed VICs)
When the nominator has withdrawn (status=withdrawn) the VIC or (number of Symbol support vote.svg Support < number of Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose)

3. Save the VIC. On the candidate list the VIC will now appear with a different border color and written state.

4. If the image is promoted to VI status, open the image page and substitute the {{VI-add}} template underneath the {{Information}} template as follows


where subpage and scope are copied from the analogous parameters in the VIC review page.

5. Make a new entry in Commons:Valued images by scope and link to the image.

6. Find the gallery or category, which best fits the scope. If it is a gallery, prepend the caption with {{VI-tiny}}. If it is a category and the catory does not have a gallery page, which shows the "best" already, create a new galley page with the name "Valued image of scope", add the VI in a gallery and prepend the image with {{VI-tiny}} and let this page associate with the category.

7. Notify the nominator with {{VICpromoted}}. (Should other stakeholders such as the creator, uploader and/or editor be notified as well)?

8. Remove the candidate from the candidate list (edit)