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Sniper Zeta doing some tutoring

My username is Sniper Zeta. I live in Solna, Sweden.

I've been contributing on the Swedish language version of Wikipedia since 2005. Since Febraury 2014, I am this language version's media contact person. For one year, I was a member of the Swedish Wikimedia chapter's board. I enjoy taking pictures, especially of protected buildings in Sweden. Togehter with fellow Wikimedian ArildV, I have developed a concept of oneday photo-safaries on bikes. Our main interest is to depict protected buildings/objects with entries in the The Swedish National Heritage Board's (RAÄ) buildings database.

Västerås by bike[edit]

Västerås by bike Autum 2014.

Örebro by bike[edit]

Örebro by bike. Spring 2014

Gävle by bike[edit]

Gävle by bike. Spring 2014

Wiki Loves Monuments, Sweden 2014[edit]

National prizewinner in the category Best series: Pictures of Järvsö kyrka, Sweden.

Wiki Loves Monuments, Sweden 2013[edit]

Head office at Pythagoras, Norrtälje, Sweden, September 2013

This picture came in second in the Swedish edition of Wiki Loves Monuments 2013. I did not expect that - it's not the most glamorous motif, but it's jury's privilege to pick and choose. During this years' WLM month, I made four excursions: to Örbyhus and Vendel, to Heby and Morgongåva, to Sala and to Norrtälje.

In Norrtälje, which even in September actually is quite a busy little town, the former machine engine factory Pythagoras is one of the places most worth seeing. There's been no on-site production since 1978. Nowadays, Pythagoras is a museum and indeed a charming one.

It's like the clocks here stopped ticking decades ago. Beside the factory there is an office building, one that looks like it's been cut out of a 1940's film. It looks like the clerks just took a short break. A paper sheet left in the typewriter reflects important work is still to be done. A brown briefcase is left on the floor. For many years my father run a timberyard with an office just like this. Talking to my sister, we agreed the resemblance was striking.

Here are some more pictures that didn't win anything:

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