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Sniper Zeta doing some tutoring

Current project: 1000 pictures of Solna


1000 pictures of Solna (Swedish: 1000 Solnabilder) is so far my personal project. I aim to upload on Wikimedia commons, before the end of August 2021, 1000 pictures of Solna, the municipatity in Sweden where I live. See how the upload progresses here: link. My intention is to submit to some of the rules of dogma-95, if anyone remembers:

  • The camera must be hand-held
  • The pictures must be in colour
  • Filters are not allowed

I don't go looking for spectacular motifs, to whatever extent they occur in my neighbourhood. Neighter do I wait for sunny weather.This is my point of departure. Later, I might change my course of action.

Gallery: 1000 pictures of Solna


Sniper Zeta - Wikipedian & Wikimedian


Since 2005, I have contributed on the Swedish language version of Wikipedia. For some years, I was the language version's media contact person. On Wikimedia commons, my focus used to be uploading pictures of protected buildings with entries in the The Swedish National Heritage Board's (RAÄ) buildings database.

Wiki Loves Monuments, Sweden 2014


National prizewinner in the category Best series: Pictures of Järvsö kyrka, Sweden.