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Why Knowledge is better than Money[edit]

Imam Ali described Why Knowledge and Wisdom is better than Money..
(1) You have to guard your wealth, but knowledge will guard you.
(2) When knowledge is distributed it increases. When wealth is distributed it decreases.
(3) A man of wealth has many enemies, while a man of knowledge has many friends.
(4) A learned man because of his wider outlook is apt to be generous, while a rich man because of his love for money is apt to be miserly.
(5) Knowledge cannot be stolen, but wealth is constantly exposed to the danger of being stolen.
(6) With the lapse of time, knowledge gains in depth and dimension. Hoarded coins get rusty or cease to be legal tender.
(7) You can keep account of wealth because it is limited, but you cannot keep account of knowledge because it is boundless.
(8) Knowledge illuminates the mind, while wealth is apt to darken it. Therefore knowledge is better than wealth.
(9) Knowledge is the legacy of the Prophet, whereas wealth is the inheritance of the Pharaohs. As the prophets are superior to the Pharaohs.
(10) Knowledge is better than wealth, because knowledge induced the holy Prophet sal-lal-lahu alai hi wa sallam to say to ALLAH "We worship Thee as we are Thy servants," while wealth engendered and Pharaoh and Nimrod caused the vanity that made them claim godhead.