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NOTE: This is a copy of the userpage of my 2nd backup (SpinnerLaserz) due to lost access as a result of accidental logout. Please also note that if the files on the pages are wrongfully globally replaced by me, you can revert them back. Also, you are free to overwrite my files. I really don’t mind other people overwriting my files. Also, I tend to misunderstand stuff. So, I apologize if I did that.

This user had three old ones. I don't support the IRGC, Hamas, the KKK, riots, racism, anarchy, Antifa, terrorists, police brutality nor rogue cops. I support an Israeli states alongside a Palestinian state.



As of July 2, I will no longer add any flag categories to any non-related pictures (due to complaints from others). One year ago (somewhere between summer and autumn), I was inspired by others who did "Photographs of the [insert country flag here] in [insert location here]" and I thought to myself maybe I can do that to other country flags. This is common to categorize objects or people by location but what I didn't realize and understand is that there are exceptions. My goal is to categorize any pictures that shows flags because I had an interest in flags since at a young age and so does everyone else. In response, I will create a user gallery that shows images of flags (both visible and incidental) taken by others with a disclaimer. In conclusion, I want to apologize to everyone those pictures were filled with wrong categories and to those who knew that these categories shouldn't have made in the first place. It was a huge misunderstanding of categorization. I will stop adding categories to pictures that are not related to flags nor create any more flag categories. I hope I will not (for real) make the same mistake in the future. I know the damage has been done and I accepted the consequences about my poor judgement and responses. I am still trying to be careful in regards to categorization. Also from now on, I will let everyone categorize any pictures that are intended to be flag photos.

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