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About Sajjan Singh[edit]

Hello. I am Sajjan Singh. I was born in 1984 at Karoli, a small village in Rewari district of Haryana in India and I live in Gurgaon, Haryana in the India. I have an BA in Political Science and History as subjects from the University of Delhi. Before that I went to Yaduvanshi Shiksha Niketan school at Mahendragarh Haryana for completing my Senior Secondary education and completed my schooling from my village government school . I work for Bigshoebazaar (I) Pvt LTD ( ) as a Asst. Manager (MIS-Customer Analysis) in Finance & Accounts Department.

I don't have any great plan to write on a particular subject. I make small improvements where I spot the need. I started writing about the topics I used to see around me. I am also interested in modern art and design, research ,science .

I like editing Wikipedia because I am not good enough at programming to give any useful free software to the world but at least I can contribute to the Commons this way. I get a lot out of Wikipedia as I use it as my main starting point for almost any form of research, at work or at home, so I am more than happy to give something back by improving articles or removing vandalism. It is an interesting window into the modern psyche to see what non-notable rubbish some people think is worthy of inclusion in a serious encyclopaedia.

Big shout[edit]

This just to say thanks to everybody who is doing such a great job of reverting vandalism to my talk page (and to this page before it got protected) and all user pages in general. I know it might seem like a thankless task but it is appreciated.

"My" articles[edit]

I do occasionally write some stuff. Here is a list of the articles which I have edited:

Written from scratch[edit]

Rewrites and major changes[edit]

  • Kotia - It is a neighbourhood village to Karoli
  • Kosli - Minor changes done as per my best knowladge.
  • Kanina - Minor changes done as per my best knowladge.
  • Lookhi - Minor changes done as per my best knowladge.
  • Charkhi Dadri - Minor changes done as per my best knowladge.

Looking at this list I wonder how I get suckered into working on some articles. I mean, its not like I care about Remo Mancini, Nicky Clarke or the Scottish Children's Reporter Administration. Its just that sometimes you see an article that is so in need of help you need to do something for the good of Wikipedia even if it means researching a subject you don't really care about from scratch.

Yes, of course, I know they are not really "my" articles.

To do:[edit]

There is a lot, a lot to do always.

Sajjan Singh (talk)