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sτaκamaκa ηavι
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Basic Biographical Data
Alias Staka
Birth Date November 25, 1991
Birth Location Shibuya, Tokyo
Current Location Ontario, Canada
Languages English, Japanese

This account was created on September 26, 2007.

I also upload the same or similar images up on Picasa Web Albums with the All Rights Reserved license. However, if the same image is up on both Picasa and Wikimedia Commons, I will go with whatever Creative Commons license I chose to use to use on here, at Wikimedia Commons. By the way, all photos are watermarked on Picasa and downloads are disabled.

June 2003 - 2009: PENTAX Optio 33L

July 2008 - present: PENTAX Optio L40

April 2010 - present: Pentax K-x


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AuLISMO Character.jpg This photo was taken by Saku Takakusaki.
  • Please credit Saku Takakusaki when, in any way, this photo is being used.
  • It'd be nice if you could email me or leave me a message on my discussion page when using my files
  • Do not copy this image illegally by ignoring the terms of the license below, as it is not in the public domain
  • If you would like a special permission to use or license the image, please contact me to negotiate terms.
  • You can also find more files and pictures in my image gallery or category

  • More photos can be found on my Google Picasa but they are watermarked. On request, I will provide you with the original.

{{User:Staka/credit}}: "This photo was taken by Saku Takakusaki."
{{User:Staka/credit|file|made}}: "This file was made by Saku Takakusaki."

"Information" Template

Upload form on Wikimedia Commons got stupid so I use the basic form with these templates..
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