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The summary of category system for tilings (under construction).

Current structure[1][edit]

Navigational templates[edit]

To-do list[edit]

  • Unsorted images.
  • Need to decide what is better — many dynamic templates, varying from category to category, or one static on all categories Create single navigational template (like this one). Links (draft):
    • L1: R, U, UD, E, H, ST, P, SP, 3D, ND, UI
    • L2: ER, EU, EUD, HR, HU, HUD, SPR, SPU, SPUD, E3U, H3U
    • R2: {3,6}{4,4}{6,3}; {3,3}{3,4}{3,5}{4,3}{5,3}; {2,n}{n,2}; {3,n}{4,n}{5,n}...
    • U2: -3-4-5-...-16-
    • R3: {4,3,4}


  1. It is not known yet whether Category:Tilings-db will remain separate category or subcategories of it will be merged into Category:Tessellations. Currently level-1 categories are shown both under Category:Tilings-db and under Category:Tessellations. Besides, renaming Category:Tessellations to Category:Tilings is being discussed at CfD.
  2. 2-dimensional case is partitioned into two subsets: plane tilings and spherical polyhedra.
  3. a b c Both in "Order-5" and in "3-3-4-3-4" is used hyphen-minus (minus from numeric keypad).