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Own works/Prace własne[edit]

Valuable and favorites/Wartościowe i ulubione[edit]

Parade of Independence in Gdańsk during Independence Day 2010[edit]

IV Meeting Of Fans of the TV Series "M jak miłość" in Gdynia 2010[edit]

III Meeting of Fans of the TV series 'M jak miłość'[edit]





Reenactment of the entry of Casimir IV Jagiellon to Gdańsk[edit]

Filmmaking of "Black Thursday"[edit]

XXXV Polish Film Festival in Gdynia 2010[edit]

XXXIV Polish Film Festival in Gdynia 2009[edit]

XXXIII Polish Film Festival in Gdynia 2008[edit]

Parade of Machines "Technocracy" in Gdynia[edit]

Amber Parade[edit]

Official opening of the sailing season and yacht parade on Motława[edit]

Reenactment of the entry of Napoleon to Gdańsk after siege[edit]

Architectural elements[edit]


Photographs uploaded in 2011/Fotografie załadowane w 2011 roku[edit]

  • English: Chronological succession by date of upload. But some were modified or one changed namesor. So order can sometimes not be correct. Other years.
  • Polski: Ułożone chronologiczne według umieszczenia na Commons. Ale niektóre były modyfikowane lub zmieniano ich nazwy. Zatem kolejność miejscami może nie odpowiadać datom załadowania. Pozostałe lata.


Basic elements of flag/Podstawowe elementy flagi[edit]