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Notices about Postcards

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Images with both sides of a postcard
Postcards with the other side in the page history
autmatisch: Files with secondary images in the file history

Backs of divided back postcards
Backs of undivided back postcards

1905 postmarks

Stamps of Germany on covers and postcards

Soldaten Karte --> Military mail

Transport of post by rail   (Bahnpost)
Transport of post by boat   (Schiffspost)

Images with color correction charts


Most commons categories:

Unidentified logos on postcards

Amaury Hamonic
Fernand Fleury

Postcards by Armand Waron
Postcards published by André Boucher
Postcards published by Albert Mancel
Postcards published by Artaud et Nozais
Postcards published by Berthaud Frères
Postcards published by Charles Collas
Postcards published by Cim
Postcards published by E. Le Deley
Postcards by Émile Hamonic
Postcards published by Imprimeries Réunies de Nancy
Postcards published by L'Abeille
Postcards published by Léon & Lévy‎
Postcards published by MTIL
Postcards published by Neue Photographische Gesellschaft Berlin
Postcards published by Neurdein
Postcards published by Raphael Tuck & Sons
Postcards published by Royer, Nancy
Postcards published by Dr. Trenkler & Co.
Postcards by Jean Sorel


Stamps of France on covers and postcards
Semeuse stamps on covers and postcards
Semeuse stamps on covers and postcards (5c)
Semeuse stamps on covers and postcards (10c)
Type Blanc on covers and postcards

Stamps of Germany on covers and postcards
Germania stamps on covers and postcards
Friedrich Ebert on stamps

Stamps of the United States on covers and postcards


New images[edit]

Word New Cat Other
postcard New No cat
post card New No cat
Postkarte New No cat
Ansichtskarte New No cat
CPA New No cat
Pocztówka New No cat Polona


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SDC for Postcards[edit]



Image Description Structured data on commons
Number 1
Image side of one postcard
Number 2
Address side of one postcard
Number 3
Address and image side of one postcard
Number 4
Image with a postcard
Number 5
postcard on a postcard
Number 6
postcard has wikidata-object
Number 7
postal card/postal stationery with an imprinted stamp