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About me

  • name: Steffen
  • residence: in rhineland-palatinate
  • Job: student
  • born: 1985
  • registered since: jan. 24th 2005


If you have any questions, suggestions or criticism to my work in WikiCommons, please contact my at my User talk. For private query you can write me an email.


I speak the following languages:

  • German as motherlanguage
  • English in a mediate level
  • Latin in a simple level


When I'm good, I'm good
When I'm bad, I'm better!

also workign on

  • Wikipedia - German WikiPedia since: jan. 21th 2005
  • Wikinews - German WikiNews since: aug. 24th 2006
  • Wikibooks - German WikiBooks since: jan. 21th 2007