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plain ol' stick pen

My account[modifier]

I generally upload 2 types of photos:

1. My own highly amateur photo snapshots of plants and other interesting things. If I found the plant in the wild (here in Southern California), I attempted to identify it myself. If I misidentifed any of these, please fix it or let me know. If I took the picture in a botanical garden or a zoo I noted the name on the identification tag - I assume these are correct, but occasionally they are not.

2. Photos that other people took. These were posted on Flickr under appropriate license, or on a US government site with no copyright indicated. Some photos on government sites are copyrighted; these should not be uploaded.

My pix[modifier]

For (many of) my own plant photos, especially the pretty flowers, see User:Stickpen/Plants A-L and User:Stickpen/Plants M-Z

My license[modifier]

My personal photos are in the public domain.