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I'm a computer programmer specializing in FORTRAN programming for CAD/CAM (especially CATIA) and database applications. My interests vary widely from that field, however; into math, science, economics, history, etc., so I hope to contribute to many areas.

Pics I've Created:[edit]

Iced tea spoon.jpg

Stationary and inflection pts.gif Stationary vs inflection pts.gif X cubed plot.gif X cubed rotated plot.gif X to the 4th minus x.gif Boolean Multiples of 2 3 5.jpg Camp Edwards MA Locator Map.png Saddle pt.jpg

Linen Closet.jpg

Computer animation[edit]

Computer animation is a hobby of mine. I generate the panes using FORTRAN programs I write, then use ImageMagick to stitch them together into animated GIFs.

Here's one which requires red-green 3D glasses:

For those of your without 3D glasses, here one that doesn't require them: