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Nederlands: De ALIE-JAN op het Merwedekanaal in Gorinchem.

Template:Csr "Pillau (5605972)". Miramar Ship Index. Retrieved 1 February 2016. (subscription required (help)).

Pfalzgrafenstein Ferry 1966 als Sirtaki gebouwd bij Claussen werft, Oberwinter, bouwnummer 206 48x9 60 ton 250 personen

RSA 83 - America's Cup Yacht Shosholoza Shosholoza was first launched in 2005, after only a few months of development in South Africa by a design team assembled and led by Jason Ker. Originally intended as the first of two yachts for Team Shosholoza. The budget for the second yacht never materialised but the considerable development work that went into it was not entirely wasted as during the christmas break of 2006, a new bow and stern was fitted which toggether with much development work on new sails and appendages meant the yacht was generally considered to be very competitive and certainly the fastest in light winds. During Louis Vuitton Cup racing in 2007, Shosholoza took some big scalps such as the experienced team in "Luna Rossa" and incredibly managed to lead the mighty "Team BMW-Oracle" team around the first lap of the race three times in four matches in 2007.

Team Shosholoza's new yachts are also revolutionising the world of hi-tech yacht building. Until now, only the US, Italy and New Zealand have possessed the technologically advanced facilities necessary to build such sophisticated racing machines. But with two new computer-designed, carbon-fibre RSA 48s being built in Team Shosholoza's own oven-baking facilities, South African yacht builders are achieving the level of aerospace and Formula One manufacturing ability needed to construct such specialised machinery.

South African specialist engineers, fluid dynamicists and composite structure experts are joining computer software designers from the country's aerospace industry in the design team led by British naval architect Jason Ker.

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in Category:Ships by name you can find ships by their name in alphabetical sequence. That is not always directly via the name of a certain category, as we have a | tool for that. So if we have a category that starts with a pennant number or fishing license, in the name-category you can always find her by name.

I have to explain that in my opinion the first thing is, that Commons is no Wikipedia, but a database for images for all Wikipedias. So the search system can differ - and has to differ - fron a certain Wikipedia, as the Wikipedia naming systems for ships differ per language.
From the start of the category Category:Ships by name it is clear that we have many ships with the same name and we found a solution for that problem by adding the year of completion and for military ships the year of first commissioning. (I work on a description of that new naming system to feed the discussion and make it possible to end that discussion. Hope to present it when we reach the moment of the 20.000 th ship by name.)
Another problem arises when a shipname is changed. Ships can be found via the name painted on the ship. You don't have to be an expert to find the ship that way. In Commons no problem, the ship gets a new category for images with her new name. Ships built after 1948 or so have in many cases an IMO number, so the connection for all images of those ships is via the IMO number.
Military ships in fact don't differ from commercial ships, when someone wants to write an article, available images of the ship can be found in many cases in Commons. I am not happy with the fact that military ships up till now cannot always be directly found in a category by the indication painted on the ship. Experts know excactly all possibilities, but we don't have a database for experts, but for everybody who wants to write an article on a certain Wikipedia. So in my opinion also for military ships the category-name has to be the indication (pennant number in many cases, I learned Russian ships have no real pennant number), painted on the ship, followed by her name and the year of completion or first commissioning.
Unfortunately there is no such IMO number system for military ships, as far as I know. So when the number on the hull is changed - we don't have a coupling mechanism.
I strongly feel that we have to leave ou the prefixes, as long as they are not painted on the ships. My problem is, that we don't have consensus reached about leaving them out completely for all USS ships. You yourself gave a good reason not to use them in a category name, they can differ from time to time. No problem at all to do it in a certain Wikipedia, but not in Commons. Ships of the Royal Dutch Navy are always known here as "Hare majesteit's" followed by the name. Not a way the Dutch naval ships should be categorised in Commons. We also had "French ship" categories. Category names have to be language independant as much as possible. Even for ships of English speaking countries. But sometimes I categorise in line with the rest of a category, although I don't agree with the system used. :=((
For the LSTs we have two other problems. (1) In the fifties a lot of them got a name, not all. I choose to mention these names in the LST categories, according the mentioned system. (2) Many of them have painted US with a pennant number on the hull and not LST. I categorised LST, but after all for these ships US was better and more in line. We can alway recategorise. --Stunteltje (talk) 19:58, 20 May 2012 (UTC)
Ships categorising is difficult, as worldwide Wikipedia's differ in the date of start. Some Wikipedia's use the date of launching of ships, some the date of completion of ships. Have a look at the digfference in e.g. French, German, English and Dutch Wikipedia. On Commons, as it is a worldwide working database, it is important and accepted to use just one system for any item. One has to make a choise. The date of completion can be found on the certificates of the ships, on contracts and publications in the media, even for old ships, not described in full on the internet. In that case the date of completion is the best choise if we want to find start dates. Unfortunately naval shiplovers here on Commons want to continue the system of their local Wikipedia for their naval ships. As the content of USS naval ships is the biggest of naval ships on Commons, you'll find the English Wikipedia system here on a lot of USS naval ships. That's why. But have a look at the and, same ship. Here on Commons we have more than 15.000 ships in Category:Ships by name, in just one system: without any prefix and by date of completion. Without prefixes, as each language has its own prefix system. The only exeptions are a lot of naval ships. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid prefixes, as ships are just numbered and during a vast period only the pennant number is painted on the ship. E.g. Category:LST-325 (ship, 1943). Please realise that Commons is just a database for images and it is important to find these images. It is not a Wikipedia. --Stunteltje (talk) 15:17, 17 March 2012 (UTC)

See also Category:Bolero (ship, 2003 Rendsburg) {{cat see also|Xxx (ship, 1901)}}

Category:Taken with Nikon D90 and DX AD-S Nikkor 18-200 mm 1:3.5-5.6 GII ED Category:IMO 7712353 voor schip met vele namen Commons:File renaming

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Category:IMO 8640351 has three names of the same ship

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{{wikibreak}} With my ship from Gorinchem to Hasselt (Netherlands) via Hattem, departing 20 july 2012. I hope to have the opportunity to create a lot of images of historical barges for Commons. --[[User:Stunteltje|Stunteltje]] ([[User talk:Stunteltje|<span class="signature-talk">talk</span>]]) 07:36, 20 July 2012 (UTC)

Ships by IMO number

Model [1]



de:Gustav Meyer

La Sierra yard number 1661 launched 24 November 1965 and delivered 12 February 1966. Queens Shipyard of H&W.

  • Length: 361.8 metres (1,187 ft)
  • Beam: 63.4 metres (208 ft)


  • Type: Barge
  • Design by:
  • Order date:
  • Built by: Alphen aan den Rijn
  • Yard No:
  • Keel laid:
  • Launch date:
  • Date of completion:
  • Length over all: 26 m
  • LPP: m
  • Beam: 4,20 m
  • Draught: m
  • GRT:
  • DWT:
  • NET: 87
  • Main engine: 4 cilinder Lister 89 pk, replaced by 6 cilinder MAN D0026M-1 80 pk
  • Speed: kn


  • 1930
  • 22.10.1982 Sold to Scouting Nautilus, Delft, Netherlands, Renamed: ENERGIE


  • Type: Barge
  • Design by:
  • Order date:
  • Built by: Gebr. Paans, Roodevaart, Netherlands
  • Yard No:
  • Keel laid:
  • Launch date:
  • Date of completion: 1913
  • Length over all: 24,45 m
  • LPP: m
  • Beam: 4,68 m
  • Depth: 1,13 m
  • GRT:
  • DWT:
  • NET: 98
  • Main engine: 1939 2-cyl La Rouche Imob 60 pk
  • Speed: kn


  • 1913 Named:
  • Sold to Scouting Matthijs Heldt, Zevenbergen Renamed: HENDRIKA Flag: Netherlands

Fotothek df pk 0000125 005.jpg



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Lotus Exige SI GT, Olympia Brno (1).jpg image work Pavel Ševela (sevela.p).

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Sunset at Huntington Beach.jpg Stunteltje/Sandbox is taking a short break and he will be back at Commons soon.

With my ship to Sail Amsterdam 2010 to function as wall paper for the tall ships. I hope to have the opportunity to create a lot of images for Commons. --Stunteltje (talk) 19:55, 12 August 2010 (UTC)

Sunset at Huntington Beach.jpg Pitke the Mad Finnhorse Editor is taking a short break and he will be back at Commons after an unspecified period. Break is due to a happy upheaval in their personal life (not related to additions in family). Please send flowers as gift tokens.

Krimpen aan den IJssel: De M.S. Bornrif

  • Scheepsnaam : Bornrif
  • Scheepstype : Luxe motor
  • Bouwjaar : 1930
  • Werf van aanbouw : C. Appelo NV
  • Plaats van aanbouw : Zwartsluis
  • Meetbrief : RN 3035
  • Te boek stelling : 1942 B Amst. 1944


  • Lengte : 37,95mtr
  • Breedte : 5,31mtr
  • Huidige grootste diepgang : 1,10mtr
  • Tonnage : 241 ton


  • Hoofdmotor : GM (General Motor)
  • Type: 6029a 6 cilinder 185pk 1800tpm
  • Koppeling : Reintjes hydraulisch 3:1
  • Kopschroef : Perkins 70pK van Wijk 360˚ draaibaar (in uitvoering)


  • Generatorset : Onan 4 cilinder 220/380V *15kVA watergekoeld 1500tpm
  • Noodstroom installatie : 24V DC
  • Verwarming : Centrale verwarming olie gestookte stuwbrander 28kW


  • Gasolietank wit : 1.000 liter ( voortstuwing)
  • Gasolietank rood : 2.500 liter (generatorset en centrale verwarming)
  • Watertanks : 2 x 3.000 liter achter en 2 x 1.500 liter in het midden


  • Hydraulische kraan : van Wijk 1.500Kg op 12mtr


  • Aantal personen : 80 personen
  • Aantal vletten zonder sleep : 6 stuks aan dek


  • Boegankers : 2 stuks 300Kg per st.
  • Ankerlier : Oliebadlier aangedreven door dieselmotor Hatz 7pk
  • Bouwjaar: 1930
  • Lengte: 39 meter

Albanus Alma Alma Doepel America American Pride American Rover Freedom Schooner Angele Aline Angelique Anna Kristina Aphrodite Appledore II Appledore IV Appledore V Argus Atlantica Balclutha Baltic Beauty FS Belle-Poule Bill of Rights Black Jack Black Pearl Boa Esperanza Bounty (1978 ship) Bounty of Kristor Bowdoin Brilliant Bryza H Californian (ROU schooner) af Chapman Clearwater USS Constellation SSV Corwith Cramer Cutty Sark Dar Pomorza Den Store Bjorn' Denis Sullivan Duchesse Anne Dunbrody Earl of Pembroke East Indiaman Ernestina Empire Sandy Esther Jensen Étoile Europa Fair Jeanne http://www. tallshipsadventure. org/ Falls of Clyde Friends Good Will Glenlee (Glasgow) Golden Hind Golden Quest Grand Turk Guayas Harvey Gamage Hawaiian Chieftain Helena C Highlander Sea Irving and Exy Johnson James Craig Jens Krogh Jolie Brise Joseph Conrad Kaisei Kalmar Nyckel Kaskelot L. A. Dunton La Grace Lady Maryland Lady Nelson Lettie G. Howard Lewis R. French Libertad Lynx http://www. privateerlynx. com/ Schooner Madeline Schooner Manitou Maple Leaf Moosk Morning Star of Revelation Moshulu Mystic Whaler Nadezhda HMS Najaden NRP Sagres RV Oceania One and All HMCS Oriole Pacific Grace Pacific Swift Pathfinder T.S. Playfair Passat Pelican Pogoria Polly Woodside Pommern Peking Tall Ship Pelican Tall Ship Pelican http://www. adventureundersail. com/ Phoenix Pilgrim Pioneer Pride of Baltimore II http://www. pride2. org/ R. Tucker Thompson http://www. tucker. co. nz/ PNS Rah Naward Rickmer Rickmers Roseway (schooner) Royal Clipper Royal Helena TS Royalist St. Lawrence II http://www. brigantine. ca/ Schulschiff Deutschland Sea Cloud Shenandoah Sigyn Sloop Providence Soren Larsen Solway Lass Spirit of Bermuda Spirit of Dana Point Spirit of Massachusetts Spirit of South Carolina Star Clipper Star Flyer HMS Sultana Swan fan Makkum Swift of Ipswich Tocorimé Pamatojari Tole Mour Tradewind HMS Trincomalee HMS Victory Viking Virginia Wavertree Welcome Westward Windeward Bound Windy Windy II s/y Zawisza Czarny I s/y Zawisza Czarny II Zodiac ZEBU (Brigantine)


  • Type:
  • Design by:
  • Order date:
  • Built by:
  • Yard No:
  • Keel laid:
  • Launch date:
  • Date of completion:
  • Length over all: m
  • LPP: m
  • Beam: m
  • Draught: m
  • GRT:
  • DWT:
  • NET:
  • Main engine:
  • Speed: kn



IMO info
Information about Svitzer Freja may be found at IMO xxxxxxx.
A ship can change name and flag state through time, but the IMO number remains the same through the hull's entire lifetime. As a result, it can be useful to identify a ship by using the IMO number.

  • Self-propelled barges
  • Pushed barges

Lfd Name Baujahr Bauwerft amtl. Schiffs-Nr. Magd Eichschein vermessene Antriebs- Leistung Tragfähigkeit Tiefgang Tiefgang Fixpunkt* Länge Breite Breite über Besatzungs- stärke Nr. BSR/ Nr. Plätze leistung Hilfsdiesel t Leertauchung max. m ü. a. Radkasten Bl. PS KW cm cm m m m 1. PD Dresden 1926 Dresden Laubegast 0580 16 80 212 MDD 172 610 300 2x80 141,6 80 95 7,71 68,71 6,9 12,89 4 2. PD Leipzig 1929 Dresden Laubegast 0580 25 10 210 MDD 169 610 350 2x80 111,8 78 96 7,92 70,06 6,9 12,89 4 3. PD Meissen 1885 Dresden Blasewitz 0580 07 60 209 MDD 168 350 230 2x80 111,5 86 95 7,3 65,67 5,56 11,17 4 4. PD Pillnitz 1886 Dresden Blasewitz 0550 22 50 216 MDD 170 350 230 2x80 85,7 80 90 7,22 65,71 5,52 11,16 4 5. PD Diesbar Kurbelw. 1853 1884 Dresden Blasewitz 0580 24 50 208 MDD 171 175 110 1x80 83,9 79 80 5,63 53,51 5,07 10,2 4 6. PD Stadt Wehlen 1879 Dresden Blasewitz 0580 07 70 207 MDD 206 300 180 2x64 109,3 82 88 7,06 59,21 5,24 10,45 3 7. PD Kurort Rathen 1896 Dresden Blasewitz 0580 31 80 206 MDD 209 300 140 2x64 104,3 81 87 7,15 57,15 5,02 10,19 3 8. PD Pirna 1898 Dresden Blasewitz 0580 31 90 204 MDD 205 300 140 2x64 108,9 81 85 7,15 57,07 5,01 10,43 3 9. PD Krippen 1892 Dresden Blasewitz 0530 68 10 479 HBD 1396 220 110 1x135 194 k.A. 100 5,8 56,05 4,76 9,72 3 1x 80 10. MS Bad Schandau 1987 Yachtwerft 0580 16 90 217 SBn 6684 88 122 38 52,7 71 111 3,84 32,1 5,1 - 2 Berlin 11. MS Lilienstein 1982 Yachtwerft 0550 23 00 215 SBn 6254 124 122 38 61,5 73 125 3,67 28,47 5,1 - 2 Berlin 12. MS Gr. Cosel 1994 Tangermünde 0580 32 40 662 MDD 207 700 2x462 2x265 581,9 81 97 7,25 75,09 10,6 - 3

13. MS A. d. Starke 1994 Tangermünde 0580 32 20 661 MDD 208 700 2x462 2x265 581,9 81 97 7,38 75,09 10,6 - 3

14. PD Junger Pionier 1898 Dresden Blasewitz Verschrot-tet 12/01 203 640 140 - 114 63 114 5,8 55,79 5,19 10,4 5 15. PD Schmilka 1897 Dresden Blasewitz Verschrot-tet 12/01 205 624 140 - 111,4 66 116 6,45 56,08 5,2 10,2 5

  • Fixpunkt = niedrigste Höhe über Wasserlinie

(Einfahrt Alberthafen: 9 m)

Verzeichnis der Schiffe/Seite 2

Stand am 07.12.01 Lfd Name Hauptmaschine Typ Dampfkessel Druck Bemerkung Nr. MPa 1. PD Dresden Kolbendampf maschine 2-Zyl. liegend Zweiflammrohrzylinderkessel 1,4 Heizöl 2. PD Leipzig Kolbendampf maschine 2-Zyl. liegend Zweiflammrohrzylinderkessel 1,4 Heizöl 3. PD Meissen Kolbendampf maschine 2-Zyl. oszillierend Zweiflammrohrzylinderkessel 1 Heizöl 4. PD Pillnitz Kolbendampf maschine 2-Zyl. oszillierend Zweiflammrohrzylinderkessel 1 Heizöl 5. PD Diesbar Kolbendampf maschine 2-Zyl. oszillierend Zweiflammrohrkofferkessel 0,2 Kohle beheizt 6. PD Stadt Wehlen Kolbendampf maschine 2-Zyl. oszillierend Zweiflammrohrzylinderkessel 1 Heizöl 7. PD Kurort Rathen Kolbendampf maschine 2-Zyl. oszillierend Einflammrohrzylinderkessel 1 Heizöl 8. PD Pirna Kolbendampf maschine 2-Zyl. oszillierend Einflammrohrzylinderkessel 1 Heizöl 9. PD Krippen Kolbendampf maschine 2-Zyl. oszillierend Einflammrohrkessel 0,6 Heizöl 10. MS Bad Schandau 1 Dieselmotor 6 NVD 14/5/12-1 SRW - - 11. MS Lilienstein 1 Dieselmotor 6 NVD 14/5/12-1 SRW - -

14. PD Junger Pionier Kolbendampf maschine 2-Zyl. oszillierend Zweiflammrohrzylinderkessel 1 außer Dienst 15. PD Schmilka Kolbendampf maschine 2-Zyl. oszillierend Zweiflammrohrzylinderkessel 1 außer Dienst


  • Type: Cargo ship
  • Built by J. Koster Hzn. de Gideon Groningen, Netherlands
  • Yard No: 119
  • Launch Date:
  • Date of completion:
  • Length overall: 35,00 m
  • LPP:
  • Beam: 6,28 m
  • Depth: 2,53 m
  • Tons: 195
  • DWT: 240
  • Main engine: 4T 3 cil. Deutz (280x450)
  • Speed: 8 kn


  • 1929 Named: Express for S.M. Globus Rotterdam Flag: Netherlands
    • Callsign: NRFM
  • 1931 Sold to Wm. Müller & Co, Rotterdam
    • Callsign: PEAU
  • 1940-1945 Militairy service, e.g. Operation Neptune
  • 1959 Sold to Pilon Delfzijl Renamed: Aegir Flag: Netherlands
    • Callsign: PCEJ
  • 1971 Laid up, later sold for scrap but sold and refit for sportfishing
  • 1978 Sold to Radio Delmare, refit as transmittership Renamed: Radio Delmare Flag: Colombia.
  • 1978 Transmitters confiscated Renamed: Paricompania
  • 21.08.1978 transmitting again as Radio Delmare on MW 192 meter with 3 MW transmitters and 2 FM transmitters
  • 11.09.1978 Lost anchors at gale force 8 Saved by tug Smithbank Confiscated in Maassluis.
  • 1980 Laid up under arrest in Entrepothaven in Rotterdam
  • 1981 Broken up at Zierikzee, Netherlands