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Welcome to Kevin Payravi's Userpage

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Note: On all other Wikimedia wikis, I go by the username "SuperHamster".

About Me

Hey! I'm Kevin, a 21-year-old hailing from the state of Ohio in the United States. I'm currently studying computer science engineering at The Ohio State University.

I mainly contribute to Wikipedia under the name "SuperHamster" (see my userpage here), though I do upload images here when I can, along with some behind-the-scenes work (categorizing, dealing with copyright violations, etc.).

If you have any messages you'd like to leave me regarding anything, please leave me one on my talk page. You may also email me for more private matters. Thanks!


Maid of the Mist with Rainbow.jpg Close-up of a Narcissus.jpg I-280 and SR 87 Interchange 2.jpg Boeing 737-890 and 737-824 (Alaska and Continental).jpg Himalayan Tahr lying down.jpg Trumpeter Swan at Akron Zoo.jpg Put-in-Bay view from the Peace Memorial.jpg Upward view of the Duke Chapel.jpg
Pygmy goat in petting zoo.jpg Pygmy Goat Drinking.jpg Hudson Springs Park Lake.jpg Top of the Hoover Tower.jpg Horseshoe Falls with Crowd.jpg A Bunch of Blueberries.jpg Eastern ribbon snake (upper body).jpg Gladiolus murielae bulbs.jpg

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