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An automatically updated Latest uploads gallery![edit]

You can make User:BryanBot generate your own gallery of pictures you uploaded in the last x days. Perform these simple steps:

  1. Make your own User Category, for examle Category:Files by User:Sven
  2. add all your images to this category, for example by using by using your own Information template
  3. Make a subpage, for example Special:MyPage/Latest or simply on your user page
  4. Add some code like this on the page:
    1. The inclusion of User:BryanBot/CategoryWatch (see there for syntax).
      Substitute your template! For example subst:User:Sven/Latest/Template. And add only your category with your media files.
    2. Something like this: {{#tag: gallery| <!--category watch--><!--category watch--> }}
  5. Make the template page and fill it with content like this: {{subst:ns:{{{namespace}}}}}:{{{title}}}{{!}}comment. See /Template for an example.

You're done! BryanBot will cycle your page hourly and update the gallery which you can include on your user page, ...


  • BryanBot will only show the media in the last X days, not your latest media. For example, if you load up an image on 24. december, then you go into holiday, afterwards the gallery will be empty because the last X days expired and the picture was removed from the gallery again.

This solution uses a workaround for a <gallery> bug, see User:Sven/Template:Gallery for another solution wich works, too.