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This will be a small personal gallery to keep my images in view and in order.

Load Average pictures[edit]

A Screenshot showing xload

These pictures are selfmade for articles about the Load Average. They are currently used on the german Article. Click on the pictures to get closer information.

Screenshots and graphics about the X Window System (and other software related stuff)[edit]

Unix Graphics[edit]

quality managament related artwork created in co-production[edit]

These German illustrations were completely selfcreated in co-production with de:Benutzer:Markus Bärlocher after detailed email discussions. The vector images will be used in german articles about en:quality management (e.g. the en:EFQM Excellence Model, quality control strategies, ...)

This is my first co-production with another wikipedian. He's found me on the german Bilderwerkstatt and mailed me what he imagined, including some powerpoint presentations with "raw graphics" which he's already created.

AWT demonstration program on Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux/Xaw[edit]

To show the use of native widgets of AWT, I've written a small Java demo program and afterwards asked multiple people to make screenshots on their operating systems. These are the three results:

other projects[edit]

  • see User:Sven/SVG for further projects which are normally not constricted to a specific subject.