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Something about SVG[edit]

I think SVG is a really amazing thing and there should be much more pictures which could easily be "described" as vectors. Theses so called "vectors" have multiple advantages, but on the other site it's often frustrating if you see the bad rendering created by the Wikimedia Commons servers. I've developed some strategies how to edit your vectors so they are displayed correctly:

  • Prefer real text elements instead of floating text elements (if you don't need it). I've recognized that floating text elements (<flowRoot> in SVG), which are usually used by inkscape, are probably not rendered correctly. If you don't need it, simply convert them to normal text elements (<text>), for example by using text => convert to normal text
  • Probably even convert your texts to vectors because the server can sometimes not even render correctly simple text (I don't know why, but it's worth a try if you get a rendering error) You need to make minimum font-size of texts not smaller then about 10px (you may view the code to see if it is OK). In most cases if it looks OK in Opera/Firefox then it will be OK on Wikimedia Commons. --Nux (talk) 00:24, 4 October 2006 (UTC)
  • Don't use offscreen pictures — I've sometimes got strange black boxes in my pictures and didn't knew why. Then I zoomed out in the vector program and saw that I had still some drafts and other things around the image which were out of the "bounding box/viewport" by mistake. Simply deleted them and the black boxes disappeared.

My selfmade graphics redawn with vectors[edit]

Redrawn isn't redrawn. There are huge quality differences, because of course it's much more easy to make a SVG-version from a very simple picture than from a very complex. At the moment, the following list is not sorted at all, because it's only a big collection so I can find my pictures later again.

Completely selfmade graphics[edit]

Other SVG artwork[edit]

Most of my projects are featuring vector graphics.