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Hi there! My name's Swarm and I'm an administrator of the English Wikipedia. If you need to contact me, you should do so over there, as it's where I'm usually active. My work occasionally brings me to Commons, typically for routine deletion requests, but I'll also upload some images from time to time.
We at Wikipedia take the noble spirit of our project seriously by respecting both our high standards and our common sense. While Commons serves a purpose and has good intentions, I feel it falls utterly short of its purported goal of being a free educational tool because it abides a veritable cornucopia of obviously non-educational material. See the gallery below for a demonstration of what I mean. What's more, there's a neverending supply of non-credible "free" material that, despite an army of copyright crusaders, goes unaddressed. As such I don't have much respect for this project or its community. Sorry, but do better, Commons.

St Louis night expblend cropped.jpg

Why I don't take this project seriously[edit]

The following are apparently accepted as "realistically useful for an educational purpose" despite, you know, not actually being used for anything nor useful by any reasonable stretch of the imagination. Don't worry, more to come.

Agde - Mont Saint-Loup - 20130525 (2).jpg Nudes-A-Poppin 2009 0027.jpg Bottomless sukumizu girl.jpg Foxie color.jpg

Alpacas - stylish hairdo - The Big E, 2014-09-24.jpg

Stylish Kid (5778264107).jpg Celebrate In Pasargade Nowrooz 1389.jpg

Offenbach Tambourbad (06).jpg BirkenHase 1507.jpg

Nudes-A-Poppin 2009 0006.jpg

WA0A6956 (9423382796).jpg Vaginal.JPG

This is the state of commons: an excessive amount of homemade pornography, selfies, people making funny faces, low quality photographs, and useless miscellaneous bullshit masquerading as educational content. What's worse, is that such images are nominated for deletion and are fervently defended by the community, who respond with baseless, convoluted or bizarre reasonings as to why a pictures of a guy fucking his wife are "highly educational", wikilawyering while ignoring the spirit of the scope of the project, or launching outright accusations of bad faith and personal attacks. In my limited involvement here, this project and its members are a joke.