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Some personal disclaimers[edit]

1. I am not responsible for the content hosted on Commons, except my own uploads. See also.

2. The following images have been mistakenly credited to me by third parties on some external websites:

3. I am not associated with any of the following websites/blogs/accounts/users, despite of the similar username:, Turelio's Default Album, Turelio on Photobucket, Túrelio at Council of Elrond, Le blog de Túrelio, Turelio - Random Thoughts, Turelio at Caedes, Turelio on YouTube, Túrelio Graphics, Turelio on deviantART, Túrelio on Shattered Dreams, finders keepers, Turelio on TripAdvisor, WOW Turelio, KV Túrelio, Turelio on Reddit, Turelio on Reddit, Thomas Stecko (@turelio) on Twitter, Trelio

nor ZSWOUND, who claims "Túrelio shot Mother Teresa".