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Aircraft pictures[edit]

Scanned work of others[edit]

My photos from 1950-59[edit]

Miscellaneous shows in East Anglia[edit]

Farnborough 1958[edit]

Aero-agriculture display between 29/5/59 and 16/6/59, possibly at Bourne, Cambs[edit]

Farnborough 1959[edit]

My Photos from 1960-69[edit]

Farnborough 1961[edit]

Farnborough 1962[edit]

Waterbeach 1963[edit]

My photos from 2000-10[edit]

Duxford Flying Legends 2007[edit]

Duxford 90th 2008[edit]

Old Warden 2008[edit]

Old Warden June 2009[edit]

Duxford Flying Legends 2009[edit]

My photos from 2010-13[edit]

Camphill Vintage Rally 2011[edit]

Camphill Vintage Rally 2012[edit]

Camphill Vintage Rally 2013[edit]

Shuttleworth Uncovered 2013[edit]

Shuttleworth 2014[edit]

Aircraft diagrams[edit]

Aircraft engines[edit]