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For more details about me, see my user page at en:user:Tabercil.

Free Images

I've decided to put up a listing what I've obtained for use on Wikipedia, much as User:Videmus Omnia had a page listing what he got. This isn't everything, just what I consider to be the coolest shots.

Even though the Luke Ford images are arguably my biggest contribution period since I was instrumental in getting the blanket permissions for them, I'm not putting any of them here since there's just too damn many of them - as of July 22, 2008, the Category:Luke Ford photos listing on Commons ran to 1,462 files.

Own work

Done over the years and with a variety of cameras ranging from a tiny Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ3 point'n'shoot to my latest, a Sony A7 III... steadily getting better at it!

A full list can be seen via Category:Files by User:Tabercil.

The bulk of what I shoot these days is wrestling photography and can be viewed at my Facebook fan page. Shots there are copyrighted, but I am willing to upload them to Commons on a case-by-case basis.

Direct email from/to the copyright holder

From Flickr

Note that each one of these typically involved an email to the Flickr account holder asking for a licence change.