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I am TagaSanPedroAko, an enthusiastic photographer and a road fan from the City of San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines. I am still studying in high school in Muntinlupa, that is found nearby. I have a DSLR for higher-quality images, but currently, most of my photos are taken from a smartphone or compact digicam.

I use free source software, with Inkscape being most used.

I still take photos, but I seldom uploading new photos since I started to create road sign diagrams. I am now working to create SVG road sign diagrams along with Fry1989.


Photos (seldom for this time)[edit]

  • Cities/towns in the Philippines
  • Places in the Philippines
  • Landscapes in the Philippines
  • Roads and related infrastructure in the Philippines


  • Road signs (created with Inkscape)
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Example work


P. Burgos Street in Batangas City Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Batangas CityFestival Supermall 20160917 Daang Reyna 073237.jpg 2018-03-26 14-54-00 West Edmonton Mall 01.jpg

Illustrations (mostly road signs)[edit]

Philippines road sign R3-15.svg Philippines road sign R5-1S.svg N130 (Philippines).svg

Photo equipment[edit]


  • Apple iPhone 5c
  • Canon EOS Rebel T6i
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A


  • Cherry Mobile Flare 4
  • Cherry Mobile Flare S4
  • O+ 8.36z
  • O+ 8.51
  • Samsung ST90