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Hi, My name is Tahsin Shah. I was born in 1953. I hold double Masters Degree in English Literature and Political Science. I am a fellow from Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education Program. I am married and father of four daughters. I have been a career Police officer and recently retired from service as Inspector General of Police. My last assignment was Director General Federal Investigation Agency Pakistan. FIA is counterpart of FBI and CBI of India. Travelling and photography are my hobbies. I also read books and listen music. I am sports lover and played badminton at National level in my young age. I am a Muslim and believe in enlightened moderation. I believe in democracy and rule of law. Through out my career as a professional Police Officer I have fought against religious sectarianism, extremism and fundamentalism. Now I am pursuing photography as an amateur photographer.. I participated in WIKI LOVES NORTHERN PAKISTAN 2015 and my picture NANGA PARBAT THE KILLER MOUNTAIN was selected among the Top Ten photos from Pakistan. I have again participated in the same competition WIKI LOVES NORTHERN PAKISTAN 2016..