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Thomas Lessman is a political activist, computer specialist, and amateur world historian from Topeka, Kansas. More information about Thomas is available on his personal website,

Thomas Lessman.
This user is a member of WikiProject Atlas.

A Message from Thomas Lessman: "The main reason I'm on Wikipedia is because I appreciate its potential to improve our understanding of history. During my studies of history, I've been disappointed by the lack of comprehensive maps that cover wide areas during specific years."

"Finally I realized that if I wanted better maps, I'd have to create them myself. So I pieced together this blank map template, based on this topographic map."

"These maps cover the old world (or at least the Eastern Hemisphere) during key eras of history. It's a huge project, possibly the largest online collection of historical maps that cover such a wide area over so many years. And it would be a shame to keep these maps to myself. Sure I could make some money from them, but I believe in sharing information (especially if it helps others learn more about history)! So I've made the maps available for free at, and uploaded many of them to help enhance Wikipedia history articles." (Signed by Thomas Lessman)


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Thanks for continuing to participate and upload your maps. Maps such as Image:Persia 600ad.jpg and Image:Asia 800ad.jpg are a real plus for wikipedia. TableMannersC·U·T 06:42, 30 January 2008 (UTC)


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I have no bias towards or against any nations. If you see a possible error, it was an honest mistake! I do the best I can with the information I have.

I don't make any claims of perfection in these maps! Keep in mind that source information is often incomplete or conflicts with other sources. I do the best I can with the information that is available to me. Constructive feedback is appreciated (especially if it helps improve the maps!). Most feedback has been positive and helpful. A few people have complained about the maps, saying they are sub-par or even worthless. To those who complain about them? Either help improve them or try to do better!

Each map's homepage has a File History section, which contains a list of previous versions of the map. When I get enough feedback, I update the maps with corrections and upload the new versions to Wikipedia. To report any potential errors, or if you are interested in helping this project, please see my Corrections & Project Help section.

World History Maps by Thomas Lessman[edit]

Below is a list of the maps in this project, available on Wikipedia,, or both. (The complete collection of World History Maps by Thomas Lessman is available at
For the gallery of maps I've uploaded to Wikipedia, visit User:Talessman/Maps.

Maps of the eastern hemisphere showing history

Bold dates are available on Wikimedia or Wikipedia.
(Other dates are available on
See also: * Disclaimers * Report Errors * Gallery of Maps


·| 1300 BC | 1000 BC | 625 BC |




·| 600 BC | 550 BC | 527 BC | 500 BC | 400 BC |
·| 335 BC | 323 BC | 300 BC | 200 BC |
·| 100 BC | 50 BC |

·| 1 AD | 50 AD | 100 AD | 200 AD | 300 AD |
·| 400 AD | 475 AD | 476 AD | 477 AD |
·| 480 AD | 486 AD|


·| 500 AD | 565 AD | 600 AD | 700 AD |
 · | 800 AD | 900 AD | 1025 AD |
·| 1100 AD | 1200 AD | 1300 AD | 1400 AD |


·| 1500 AD | · * For historical maps of the whole world,
see Wikimedia's Template:Maps of world history.

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Corrections and Project Help[edit]

Several new maps are currently under construction, and corrections are also being made to some existing maps. All will be available at when they are complete.
You can help! Please email me, Thomas Lessman, at talessman@

REQUIRED: I can ONLY make corrections if If IF you provide the following information:

1. Brief description of error (BEST way: copy the map to your computer, use a program like GIMP, PhotoShop, or Paint Shop Pro to draw the correct borders, and send me the new map.)
2. Your source information, so I can see the information directly and add it to the list of sources for each map. NO SOURCES = NO CHANGE. Period. I simply CANNOT make any changes without source information to justify the change. Please and Thank You!

I appreciate all help and feedback about these maps, especially if it helps improve them! I'm always happy to give credit to those who help, unless they prefer to remain anonymous. Thank you in advance!

My Primary Sources[edit]

My blank map template is based on this topographic map, which I pieced together using Adobe PhotoShop. I've made the blank map available on my website (Shortcut: blank-East-Hem.jpg).

The primary sources for the information I included in these maps include (but are not limited to) the following sources:

1. Regnal Chronologies by Bruce Gordon,

2. Maps of European History from

  • (Please note: Bogomolov.PL has done a great job of showing me possible discrepancies in my north European borders compared to this source, due to the differences in the geographical layout of the maps. I will be fixing my maps as soon as I can figure out how Bogomolov was able to reshape the Euratlas map and my map to the same shape.)

3. Wikimedia maps of World History, created by User:Briangotts and User:Javierfv1212.

4. Early British Kingdoms maps of British history, available at

5. Columbia University's "Maps of South Asia: an organized collection".

6. DK Atlas of World History, 2000 print edition.

7. Frank Smith's Macrohistory and World Report, available at (Mostly used for info about various Asian nations).

8. Friesian School of Philosophical History, available at

9. University of Texas Historical Map Resources, available on the University of Texas website.

10. World History

  • (Please note: some of the information in their maps conflicts with information in my maps. I'm not sure what their sources are.)

11. maps of Asian and Chinese History .

12. Maps of Korean History by User:Historiographer.

  • (Please note: You may notice a difference between my Korean borders and the borders depicted in Historiographer's maps. His source info on Korea is probably more complete than mine, and my East-Hem maps will being updated with this info soon.)

13. Various Wikipedia articles provided some information that I used in these maps.

14. Also several people have sent me information to help correct minor errors or add missing information.

Wikipedians who have helped me make map corrections include: Quantum cyborg, Briangotts, Cplakidas, Gantuya eng, Bogomolov.PL, User:Javierfv1212, and User:Historiographer especially have contributed to the development of these maps, either by directly sending me information or by making their own maps available for reference.
  • There is a more specific Map Source References section available on each map's homepage. Unfortunately I did a better job on the actual maps than I did on keeping track of my sources for their info. I'm not sure yet how to best document and present that source information but I am working on it! Just another part of the project...

Other Info[edit]

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