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Tar Lócesilion
Tar Lócesilion
Head of R&D Group, Wikimedia Polska
alteri vivas oportet, si vis tibi vivere

About me

I have sysop rights on a few wikis, including Polish Wikipedia and am a member of WMPL.

I live in Poland, study law, major in copyright. In spare time, I edit Wikipedia, listen to heavy metal/classical music and ride a bike. I'm an ENTP.


pl-N, en-3, fr-2 and la-2

My work

My team and I build, improve and maintain useful pl-language projects, collaborate with readers and newbies, Polish community and WMF staff. Our goals and work are aligned with those of Wikimedia Engineering, including reading, editing and UX issues, of course research, IA, and more.

You can also meet me on Phabricator.

See more about R&D.

TA This Tech Ambassador monitors changes that may affect Polish Wikipedia.

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