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Aerial view towards the centrepiece of Opening Ceremony of the 2000 Summer Paralympics during the Athlete's Parade - a large scale Aboriginal artwork in brilliant colours
Artistic view of Sydney Olympic Park, seen through the fountains at night, during the 2000 Summer Paralympics

About me[edit]

I've been uploading imagery to Wikimedia Commons and editing content on Wikipedia for approximately 6 months now. I started just before the 2012 Summer Paralympics and continue today because I love it :) Discovering information, checking it is correct, adding metadata, making sure images are consistently named and other tasks as they pop up.

I'm a member of Wikimedia Australia, supporter of Mozilla and advocate for open source software. I'm a graphic designer who studied Latin, Ancient Greek and French at university (but these days I am out of practice as far as second languages go). For many years I researched historical items in the antiques trade... even today I still look out for items of importance to facilitate their way to museums and galleries. I have many interests but my current focus is on Australian Paralympic content.

My work[edit]

As part of the History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia group I currently focus on Australian Paralympic imagery and articles. Imagery I upload can be found at Category:Images from the Australian Paralympic Committee.

Future Focus[edit]

Some of my upcoming intended areas of editing include: Winter Paralympic Sports, Botany, Australian prints and drawings.

Contact me[edit]

Want to say hello? Leave a message on my talk page: TaraMacphail. Or find me on Twitter: TaraMacphail