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This photographer has no acrophobia ...
... and neither does this one.

Hello, my name ist Wladyslaw, and I live in Lörrach, in southwest Germany near the Swiss border. I have been active with German Wikipedia since August 2004 and with Commons since April 2005.

In Wikipedia I mainly write articles about mathematics, towns, churches, historical buildings and television towers.

All pictures presented here were made by me as creator.

Presenting some exclusive photo projects

Let me present a few examples of my photo projects. Some topics of special interest to me I work on in an intensive way.

  • I followed through on my intention to make at least one exterior photo of each of the more than 120 churches in district of Lörrach. Because the district is quite large, it took two years to carry out this project. But by the beginning of 2012 I had finished this plan. You can see the results here: Category:Churches in Landkreis Lörrach. To have a better presentation of the churches I created this list of churches in the Lörrach district (in German only).
  • Although I don't share the anthroposophic outlook, I am fascinated by the Goetheanum building. Therefore I have taken lots of exterior photographs of this bunker-like structure in different seasons. And I am proud to have received special permission to take some unique photos of the interior. This picture you can explore here.
  • A great passion of mine are television towers. The Stuttgart tv tower was the first to be built of concrete and steel. With special permission of the public broadcasting corporation SWR, I was able to take some interesting photos of the interior. Look here.
  • An aerial view often provides a better image of objects, even of ones we think we know very well. This led me take some aerial photographs from aircraft on a few occasions. The first two attempts you can see here: sightseeing flight on 21st October 2012 by gyrocopter, sightseeing flight on 20th August 2012 by ultralight aviation. Enjoy the bird's eye views!
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