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If you take a picture of everything, you'll never forget anything.

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To Be Uploaded
6th Avenue buses
23rd Street
3rd Avenue
Hillcrest / Fresh Meadows
Hillcrest Veterans Square
Flatbush Av
Flatlands Av
Spring Creek / Gateway Center
Financial District
Berger Plaza area (Dickey House)
State St (Batter Pk, South Ferry)
Fulton Center From the QM7
From the Q65
Jamaica LIRR


Hillside Av East
Woodhaven Boulevard IND Washington, D.C. Pier 40


Because I'm an idiot who didn't know there was an "Uploads" button.

Favorite photos I've taken[edit]

Favorite photos of others[edit]

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Pictures to be taken[edit]


  • Coney Island shops (restaurants)
  • Fulton Center shops
  • Roosevelt Avenue newsstand, mezzanine, and restrooms
  • 71-Continental mezzanine and the Q23
  • 75th Av IND mezzanine
  • Hillside Avenue street grates ✓
  • FK Lane HS from 75 St-Elderts ✓✓
  • ENY Yard from Broadway Junction (Canarsie)
  • DeWitt Clinton HS from Mosholu Parkway (IRT Jerome)
  • Mets-Willets Point eastern (closed) station house
  • Far Rockaway HS from Beach 25th Street-Wavecrest

MTA RBO[edit]

  • 164th Street trolley remnants (Q65)
    • 164th St and 85th Avenue (Glenn Road)
    • Parsons Boulevard and 87th Avenue (Hillcrest High School)
    • 89th Avenue west of Parsons Boulevard (Burdette Place)
  • Bx6 SBS ✓
  • Q52/Q53 before and after SBS ✓ ✓
  • M23 SBS ✓
  • S89 ✓
  • Bx23/Q50 bike racks ✓
  • B15 ✓
  • Q48 ✓ ✓
  • Express buses
    • QM1/QM1A
      • Queens
        • 188th St ✓
        • 73rd Avenue (QM5, QM8)
        • North Shore Towers / Lakeville (QM6)
      • Downtown ✓
        • Water St / Gouverneur Lane plaza ✓
      • Midtown ✓ ✓
      • East Midtown ✓
    • QM4/QM44 (QM4 ✓) (QM44 ✓)
    • QM21 ✓
    • QM16/QM17 ✓
    • BM5 ✓
    • Staten Island Express
      • Before change ✓
      • After change ✓
  • Q55 ✓
  • Q37B ✓✓
  • Q26 ✓
  • Hoffman Drive QM10 stop ✓
  • Casey Stengel Depot and Corona Yard from Flushing Meadows footbridge ✓
  • New Q23 layover area ✓ ✓
  • Q41 from Rockaway Blvd IND ✓
  • Far Rockaway Depot (from Beach 44th Street IND)
  • ENY Depot and Command Center ✓
  • New New Flyer XD40 (Jamaica Depot routes) ✓
  • Eastchester Depot
    • From Thruway ✓
    • From next to it

Times Square[edit]

I am not a tourist

  • 1560 Broadway & I. Miller Building ✓
  • 2 Times Square
  • Buses in Times Square

Washington, D.C.[edit]

  • Buses (duh)
  • Metro (double duh)
  • Nationals Park
  • RFK Stadium


  • Brook Street Depot, Staten Island
  • Jacob Riis Park ✓✓
  • Far Rockaway IND area redevelopment; new Far Rockaway Library
  • Hillcrest HS ✓ and Jamaica Jewish Center (HS) ✓
  • East New York Transit Tech and City Line Park
  • WH Maxwell HS, Jefferson HS ✓
  • Martin Van Buren HS, Creedmoor South (Hillside), Hillside/Springfield medians ✓
  • Green Acres Mall
  • Call Box (54th Street and 32nd Avenue), Woodside NYCHA, William C. Bryant High School, Woodside.


  • Category:Housing cooperatives in New York City
  • Category:Student housing in New York City
  • Category:NASCAR races

Working on[edit]

Tips and observations[edit]

Camera choice[edit]

Sony DSC-W830 (2015-Jan 2018)

  • A small, relatively inexpensive camera (sub $100) is more subtle and portable.
  • A large, expensive, and bulky camera probably takes much better quality images and does it more consistently. I wouldn't know; I don't have one.
  • My camera hates artificial light, natural light, and nighttime. That's why many pictures I take are on gloomy and/or rainy days.

Sony DSC-RX100 (2018-present)

  • Compared to the old camera, it is cheating!

Taking shots from vehicles[edit]

  • Taking pictures in a vehicle (car, bus, etc...) is more convenient insofar as you can cover more ground and see more sights. Particularly if taking pictures of buses.
    • Also, it's the only way to take pictures on highways. Unless you're that daring...
  • As far is picture quality, it is really hit or miss by a mile, but there are occasional gems (see sides).
  • If you can, spray (clean) the windshield and open the window.
    • But you can't clean bus or train windows.
  • Windows reflect their surroundings. So if you take a picture through a window, you or what ever is around you may (will) end up in the shot.
  • Taking pictures in a vehicle pretty much eliminates the chance of confrontation (by police, confused bus drivers, etc...)


Does anyone know what these are?

They are call boxes.