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Leave me message on Meta (wikitext), Chinese Wikipedia (structured discussion), or through email. You can also find me on Freenode IRC under the username "techyan" and "techyan2."

To send me notifications through IRC, please mention "techyan" on public channels or PM.

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Please reach out to liaisons(_AT_) for affairs related to mainland Chinese Wikimedia communities and Wikimedians of mainland China user group.


Some of the more interesting photos/videos that I (and a friend of mine) took, or those that I assisted on uploading. I may upload more in the future if I have time to get around to categorize them on Commons. Mostly shot on my phone and a DJI drone.

Feel free to leave me a message if you want to request any photos.

China under Covid lockdown

To be uploaded: People filling out extra paperwork at Shenzhen-Hong Kong border.

More of Wuhan.

Dandong/North Korea

On a tour boat at the border between China and North Korea. English subs available


More to be uploaded.

Yanbian/Russia/North Korea border

To be uploaded.

Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture

Censorship in China

Kyoto Animation Fire

To be uploaded.

The East is Red

To be uploaded: The East is Red melody from the Beijing Railway Station

Where the African swine fever outbreak started

In a village named Wuwu in Shenyang, China. Villagers told me they are now keeping ducks instead of pigs.

Press at Hong Kong protests


It's a shock to me that there's a surprising lack of pictures of Chinese food on Commons (and articles on Wikipedia).

Public transit

Harbin and central Jilin

View the trip in Commons category.

"Ice and Snow World" of Harbin in -30 degrees Celcius.

Rime Island

An island where you see rime. I've been there 3 times but I haven't seen it once, it's pure luck. Ironically, on my way back home, a wave of cold front brought rime alongside the railroad where it otherwise won't have any. Not uploading any of the railroad rime pictures due to poor quality.

Anshan, Liaoning

More to be uploaded.

Panzhihua, Sichuan

To be uploaded.

Socialism and Communism

To be uploaded: Communism ice sculpture from the Harbin trip.