User:TeleComNasSprVen/Guidelines to renaming a category

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  1. Copy-paste content from former catname to newer catname.
  2. Attribute original authors from former catname's history page, per the guidelines within the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
  3. Use Cat-A-Lot/HotCat to move files & categories to new catname.
  4. Add templates {{badname}} or {{category redirect}} to former catname.
    1. If it is a simple misspelling or typo, I use {{badname}} because I assume autocomplete or Special:Search will automatically look for the newer category name anyway.
    2. If the newer catname is a synonym of the former catname, I use {{category redirect}}
  5. Create an associated Wikidata item for the newer catname.
  6. Create claim (aka 'statement' on Wikidata) "instance of" with property "Wikimedia category page" for the new item.
  7. If there's a topic on English Wikipedia associated with the newer catname, or if there are stray interwiki links, I also move them to Wikidata.
    1. Add/change the associated topic's Wikidata item to have claim "Commons category" with the property containing the newer catname.
    2. Add the claim "category's main topic" to the newer catname's Wikidata item.
    3. Add the template {{On Wikidata}} to the newer catname to point to item containing the associated topic on English Wikipedia.