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That is not a clickable icon. That's my phone number. You can also find me on WhatsApp.  Telesphone

N°: +55 (71) 99707 6409
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About me[edit]

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Teles, Lucas Teles. A 35 years old man, fast, strong, smart (...) and humble.

I started editing in April 2007 when Portuguese Wikipedia was introduced to me by my mother and a friend. Firstly, I was interested in Natural Sciences and Medicine. Today, I mainly work on dealing with vandalism. I am a doctor and that is why I may need small breaks from Wikimedia sometimes.

My homewiki is the Wikipedia in Portuguese (see Teles), where I am sysop since 2009. I am Brazilian and we don't speak Spanish in Brazil.

I'm here to help with anti-vandalism tasks, pratice the reading and writing of English language, practice some knowledge about licensing and watch the recent changes. I also notice a relation between Commons uploads and files usage on Portuguese Wikipedia as a routine. Some of them are copyright violations here that are brought to my attention there.

I have uploaded a few files here. So, if you ever use one of the files I uploaded I would be very happy to know that they were useful for you and you are welcome to leave a note on my talkpage about it.

This user...[edit]

Don't be afraid. This user doesn't bite the newcomers.
This user makes some nonsense when edits sleepy.
This user doesn't have sock puppets.
  1. ... will be more seen here at the weekends. (or not...)
  2. ... learns when hears criticisms.
  3. ... knows that sources are not just recommendations; are requirements.
  4. ... has no patience to organize his own page, but recognizes that it is messy.
  5. ... has more quotes on Google than a few articles on Wikipedia.
  6. Be careful, vandals! This user is a "tracker" user; revert the vandalism and look at the user "contributions" for others misapplications of rules.
  7. ... uses to answer everyone calmly, even when 'some everyone' extrapolate.
  8. ... is not a sock puppet.
  9. ... could be killing people, stealing old-indefensive ladies, smoking some prohibited material, but, you know, he is just editing here on Commons, which is not yet a crime.
  10. ... is asking to don't take his page this serious...
  11. ... is famous and has a lot of fans. Hey! Don't you know that? What kind of person are you?
  12. ... defends the other no matter who is the 'other' (sometimes he is the 'other' to be defended).
  13. ... says "yes" to IP, because he saw somewhere that everyone has the same privilege of editing even without registration.
  14. ... has his own page vandalized sometimes for some of his fans. If you find something weird here, it was not his fault (probably).
  15. ... doesn't know who started this weird thing of talking about himself as if "himself" was some other person and he doesn't use to do it.
  16. ... created the Portuguese Wikipedia Facebook page.

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