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  • Add a "categories" search option in Special:Search with no need to type "c-a-t-e-g-o-r-y-:" whenever you want to search a category.
  • Have the AJAX suggestion tool type "...ory" automatically whenever you begin typing "categ...". (done)(or use this "ns14=1" search form)
  • Add a category to a picture without needing to download and render the whole page again (as you do in Gmail when you add a tag to an email)
  • Special:CategoryTree
    • Implement the AJAX suggestion tool in Special:CategoryTree
    • Customize the input box width (the present 25 characters width is a bit short for some lengthy category names)
    • Don't cut the list after 100 subcategories ! What am I supposed to do to explore category:Categories requiring permanent diffusion (containing 633 subcategories as of August 24 2009) ?
    • Make the category tree available in the search results' page computed by the search engine, when the result is not a file or a gallery but a category. (with an opt-out box in user preferences ?)
  • Tree climbing tool or Reverse category tree : a quick tool to explore parent categories, possibly available on each picture : if a picture of a house is categorized in [[category:village name]], you'd want to quickly explore parent categories in order to know in which country this village is located.
  • Make Commons' categories visible from Wikipedia image description pages.
  • Edit {{DEFAULTSORT:<sorting word>}} and [[:category:<categoryname>|<sorting word>]] with Hocats gadget
  • Reduce and/or customize the number of files per category page. For example, Flickr shows only 18 files per user gallery page (not 200 like Wikimedia Commons does on category pages).
  • Provide all subcategory links on the first category page (provided the total number of subcategories remains small enough)
  • Special:RecentChangesLinked
    • Enable this tool to explore changes within the subcategories of the mentioned category. Catscan can do this, but, unfortunately, Catscan cannot hide bots.


  • "Don't show description page after completing upload" option, so that you can use the same upload form again when uploading multiple files with the same description (for example a series of pictures of the same statue, from a variety of angles, taken the same day).
Yes, please      Jim . . . . Jameslwoodward (talk to me) 13:54, 2 October 2010 (UTC)
  • Upload bots
    • A Picasaweb upload bot similar to Bryan's Flickr upload bot
    • Improve Bryan's Flickr upload bot so that it addresses requests in a strict FIFO (first in first out) order (so that you can find out approximately how long you will need to wait, by looking at how long the queue is)(preventing people who came later to overtake the queue)
    • Improve Bryan's Flickr upload bot so that the number of failures is... zero.

jpg Metadata[edit]

  • Show IPTC on description pages (alongside EXIF)