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See my main user page on en:User:Teratornis at the English Wikipedia.

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Examples of how to see the recent changes to all files in a category (using Special:RecentChangesLinked):

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Just in case I missed any[edit]

New pages I started[edit]

List any new pages I start to help organize photos I find that others have uploaded. Among other things, I am categorizing as many photographs of wind turbines by country as I can, if (a) they were not already so categorized, and (b) I can determine the country where each photo was taken. This is useful for adding photos to articles such as en:Wind power in Austria, en:Wind power in Italy, etc. I am also categorizing some photos by the wind turbine vendor (if I can determine this), and sometimes more specifically than by country, such as by the individual wind farm or windpark.


I created these categories:

Category schemes[edit]

To-do: make category scheme pages for subjects such as Category:Wind power, Category:Solar energy, Category:Renewable energy, Category:Peak oil, Category:Climate change, Category:Cincinnati, Ohio.

Project pages[edit]

Editor's index[edit]

21:25, 12 January 2009 (UTC): I didn't see any page on Commons like the Editor's index to Wikipedia, so I created one. See my notes at: en:User:Teratornis/Notes#Editor's index to Commons.


00:59, 17 February 2009 (UTC): I saw that Commons:Project namespace had a red link to Commons:Glossary, so I will start one at User:Teratornis/Glossary, by copying elements of the structure from w:Wikipedia:Glossary and w:Wikipedia:Editor's index to Wikipedia. Each entry uses code like this:

;Term<span id="Term"></span>

There is an {{Anchor}} template, but it just produces a <span .../> tag, so I can't see the point in absorbing all that template overhead.