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My name is Thaddeus Osborne. Born and raised in the somewhat small and rural community of West Virginia, I grew to love the outdoors and the people around me. Initially motivated to help further our understanding of humanity's place in the universe through space exploration I attained a double major in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from West Virginia University. I went on to accept a nuclear engineering role at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. I have a huge passion for music and spend much of my time trying to explore new sonic frontiers in my home studio. It's of paramount importance to me that information is shared freely so we can better learn about our world and solve our problems.

I don't really like to talk about or advertise my job at the Shipyard but I have worked on several large scale projects on a few different naval vessels for a little over 4 years. I have found myself performing system design, database management, system troubleshooting, job planning, technical writing, and emergency response preparation. I do really like to talk about music production and am very glad to have been considered as a finalist in the search for all human knowledge.

I am a dreamer and hope to find ways to help solve global issues like climate change, peace and security, and sustainable energy. In the meantime I'm open to audio work to help projects sound better. If you think I could help you in either of these capacities, please reach out!

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