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Rangeland monitoring using Parker 3-step Method, Okanagan Washington 2002

Please credit me, Thayne Tuason if using my photos.

The reason I became a botanist is because I didn't want to dig in people's graves, though I've been a student of anthropology since I ran across Franz Boas in the library when I was 15. However it turns out that I've still became an "armchair" anthropologist and have had an unbelievable number of goods delivered right to my door by Chinese sellers, the internet and the US Postal Service. I am in the process of starting a museum called the Chinese-Tibetan Holocaust Museum to house the more than 3,000 artifacts and over 200,000 photographs of artifacts and personal belongings being sold without provenance by the Chinese, and many of the items are also lied about at the point of sale and sold by using other nefarious business tactics like bidding against legitimate bidders, flooding the market, price setting, and using aliases. Much of the goods appears to not be of Han Chinese origin, but Tibetan and other minorities including the Qiang people and Maio, and in particular people in Sichuan Province. Though the Chinese said they were taking from the rich and giving to the poor, I believe the evidence indicates quite the opposite to be true- and the goods were taken from hundreds and thousands of people, millions- only to be given to very, very few who apparently aren't sharing the proceeds as far as I can tell. I've been a professional botanist for almost 20 years, and my scientific skills and background in cataloging items, microscopic objects and macro photography has came in handy when documenting artifacts as well as native plants of my area in Washington State.

And yes, I do have an agenda- to save the planet and all its species- and in particularly indigenous species, but I will try not to let my personal bias get in the way of real science and providing information for people to make up their own minds.

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