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The "Diary of an Angel" is a unique Art Journal, also a visual record, and contains poetry, photographs, sheets of music and sketches, and sometimes includes mixed media elements such as DVD, CD, flash drives. Like most of known Diaries is undertaken for an institutional purpose and it was intended to circlulate among various artists and friends and to carry the message of unconditional love and friendship. The pages of the Diary were limited to 364, giving the opportunity to 91 artists to place their art inside, and each to use four from its pages. The artists involved, express in these pages, them selves, and through it, as one entity, a messenger (an Angel), using various forms of art. Thus the name, The Diary of an Angel. This diary gives artists the possibility to record their works published or not, and include their statement, in artistic form, and also works as their biographical tool, a way to record their memories and dreams. The concept of the Diary of an Angel was based on the accepted term of what a Diary is, though the entries are not expected to remain discreet because the message that carries is universal and the Diary will be published once it has finished its Journey with the collective action of all persons related directly to it. All of its entries are shared by different artists around the globe and this was achieved by sending the Diary out by post from City to City. This particular diary is not only an artists journal, it is also an event, recorded and announced by the Artists involved, through others forms or media such as electronic formats (e.g., blogs) in the social networks of Facebook and MYSPACE. The venture undergoes since the summer of 2008 and has traveled among 50 Artists in 5 different continents, 30 of them live mostly in the United States of America and it will be completed when it reaches the number of 91 artists, Visiting another 41 Cities. A press release was published in the social network of MYSPACE, in a blog, on the 31st of July 2008, announcing the beginning of the Journey and it is expected to end on the 6th of June of 2012. The Diary left Athens, Greece on the 1st of August of 2008. The first year it has been circulating among the Artists using the postal services, and it has visited the States of Missouri, Tennessee and Maryland in the U.S. and then it was sent to South Africa in Johannesburg, to continue in two Cities of New Zealand, then another two in Australia, to the capital of Philippines, to Tokyo, Japan, to Canada and when it completed 1 year returned in Athens, stayed over 6 months and continued to the States again via airmail, where was obtained by two Artists in Florida who took it with them with a trailer in a Journey though the States and ever since it is traveling with them. They have visited and distributed the Diary to 34 Artists, in 18 states, the States of Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Michigan, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York State, Arizona, California, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Tennessee.