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Last year's Picture of the Year

The Wikimedia Commons, a media repository hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, consisting of more than 5,000,000 freely usable files, users coming from all over the world are regularly discussing which of their images can be considered an "excellent picture".

In 2009, Wikimedia Commons users have chosen more than 900 excellent pictures out of our collection by this process and are now interested in finding out which one of them is the best.

But the users aren't only interested in the opinion of their fellow users. They also want to know which image the members of other Wikimedia sister projects, most notably the <insert wiki here>, consider the best picture of 2009.

The Commons would be happy seeing you voting for whatever image you believe deserves most to be called the "Picture of the Year 2009"

Vote now! Vote now for your favorite picture of 2009!